Deal with allergies, burns, itches, and pains in seconds with the super-lightweight Medicine Puck.

This puck contains essential, over-the-counter medications and even a container for your own prescription medicine.

Pair the Medicine Puck and First Aid Puck for an even more well-rounded medical field kit.


The Medicine Puck contains:

  • Anti-gas/anti-acid (3 each)
  • Anti-Itch cream (1% hydrocortisone)
  • Antihistamine (4 each)
  • Aspirin (3 each)
  • Electrolyte replenishment (3 each)
  • Extra-strength pain reliever (4 each)
  • First aid and burn cream
  • Ibuprofen (3 each)
  • Menstrual relief (3 each)
  • Pill vial (2.5 ml re-closable, for your medications)
  • Triple antibiotic ointment
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