Light Puck

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Light Puck

Whether you’re away from the bright lights of the city or the power has gone down, leaving you in near pitch-dark, this survival light kit gives you three different ways to see again.

Inside the amazingly compact, palm-sized Light Puck, you will find three mini flashlights, a flint striker with fast burning tinder, and four 5-hour candles to shine a light even on the darkest of long nights. When combined with the Fire Puck, you’ll be toasty warm and in control of your environment.

Increase your heat and light resources by pairing the Light Puck with the Fire Puck.


The Light Puck contains:

  • 5-hour candles (4 each)
  • Aluminum foil (10" x 10.75")
  • Cotton ball tinder (10 each)
  • Flint striker
  • LED mini-flashlight (3 each)