Emergency can strike anytime. Be prepared for the worst with the Essentials Puck.

Be prepared for anything with this small, lightweight, and waterproof puck-size emergency kit.

The Essentials Puck has been designed to take up minimum of space while providing tools vital for situations where survival has become your priority.

The compact design slips easily into your pocket, or can be safely stored in a car glove compartment or bag for easy access when you need it most.

Be safe, be prepared, and order the Essentials Puck today!


The Essentials Puck is a great companion to all in our puck series.


The Essentials Puck contains the following:

  • Aluminum foil (10" x 10.75")
  • Aluminum wire (24" x 14 gauge)
  • Duct tape (72" x .75", wrapped around a steel band)
  • Flint striker
  • LED mini flashlight
  • Lock-blade folding knife
  • Magnetic compass
  • Nylon ties (4)
  • Paper (10 sheets, 1.5" x 2")
  • Paracord (72", 550 lbs strength)
  • Pencil
  • Safety pin (2")
  • Signal whistle
  • Waterproof tinder (5)


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